Materials Matter: Recycled Swimwear

Jimmy Lion Swimwear has entered the chat. Discover our first ever range of women’s bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and men’s swim shorts made with recycled materials. To bring our debut line of swimwear to life, we knew two things: 

1. Each design had to breathe summer AND our trademark creativity.

2. We wanted to strike the perfect balance between more responsible materials and the highest quality.

Enter recycled materials.

Recycled Polyester and Recycled Nylon

In order to help reduce the harmful impact of textile production on both people and the environment, we’ve opted to include a higher percentage of recycled content in our original designs. For our Jimmy Lion Swimwear Collection we have chosen recycled pre-consumer polyamide (commonly known as recycled nylon) and post-consumer recycled polyester for both their positive advantages and durability.

Pre-consumer recycled nylon and post-consumer polyester are as durable as their virgin counterparts. As if that weren’t enough, their use also helps to divert textile waste, both pre- and post-consumer, away from landfills. Both recycled materials are also tested to guarantee they’re safe for consumers throughout production.

Our Recycled Swimwear

Our men’s swim shorts, which come in 21 unique designs, have a 100% recycled post-consumer polyester exterior. Soft to the touch, each pair is quick-drying and made to last. Our women’s bikinis and one-piece swimsuits on the other hand include a 25% recycled pre-consumer nylon shell and an 86% recycled post-consumer polyester lining.

Made to move with you on all of your summer adventures, this collection was designed with you and our real-world impact in mind.

Thanks socks much!

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